October first is National Seniors Day in Canada — a day to celebrate seniors and all the wonderful things you bring to the world. We asked Sam Casmey, YMCA Manager of Adult Programs and The Bright Spot Program Coordination, for suggestions on how to mark this special occasion!

Here are three ways you can shine a light on National Seniors Day:

1. Reconnect with a friend or relative

This unique year has crystalized the importance of connection. Relationships are the foundation of our well-being and the scaffolding that supports society. So pick up that phone or get on a Zoom call and chat about old times, or see what’s new with the people you love. Investing intentionally in people who support you — even for just a few minutes — will help keep your relationships strong.

2. Perform a random act of kindness

We know our Bright Spot community is full of talented, inspiring people. Using those talents to benefit others has a ripple effect that lifts our whole community. No matter how small the gesture, you can have a big impact. Get creative! Offer to get groceries for someone who might find it challenging, walk your friend’s dog, or volunteer for a charity. (Stay tuned to hear about opportunities to volunteer with The Bright Spot, coming soon! Yes, we are a charity)

3. Find a new passion

Or at least experiment with a potential one. Join an online club, sign up for a virtual course, or take up a new hobby — all options you can pursue through our online activities. Nourish your spirit and expand your capacity for growth by challenging yourself to try something new.

This National Seniors Day, take some time to appreciate the contributions you have made, continue to make today, and have the potential to make in your future. Celebrate yourself and your peers, and allow yourself to be celebrated. You deserve it!