Some people only set new fitness goals when the New Year rolls around, but we think fall brings the same sort of fresh start feelings. After all, many people intrinsically feel the pull to organize and plan in September, perhaps harkening back to all of our back-to-school days. There’s just something about these shorter and colder days that make for a perfect time to start a new routine.

Here are three tips for easing into a healthier, happier lifestyle this fall:

1. Streamline your workouts

After those long, lazy summer days, it can feel tough to get back into a structured routine — especially this year, when everything feels so uncertain. So start small: go for a walk after lunch; try yoga at home with the help of our online activities; or take a tai chi class in your backyard. As long as you have a Wi-Fi connection, you’ve got our expert fitness instructors at your fingertips. Setting aside as little as 15 minutes to do something active every day is a great way to start building healthy habits, and the energy boosts you’ll enjoy from your mini-workouts will probably motivate you to start extending them into longer, more intense ones.

2. Make an exercise schedule

You’re far more likely to skip your workout if it’s inconveniently timed. Be honest with yourself: choose the time of day you typically feel most energized and motivated, and commit to doing your workouts at those times. Then, browse our Sweat For Good app to see which in-person activity is available at your preferred time. You can plan and schedule your fav workouts through the in-app calendar, too. If you’re looking for online classes, the Bright Spot activities page has a handy calendar view as well.

3. Stay away from the scale

While goal-setting is a great way to get started, you can actually stunt your progress if you focus exclusively on tracking your weight. If you’re getting all your motivation from an external source like a number on a scale, things like miniscule fluctuations in your weight can totally destroy your commitment to your new healthy habits, making you feel like all your hard work isn’t paying off. Sticking to a workout regime for the long run requires getting your inspiration elsewhere — like getting the energy you need to play with your grandkids, becoming a better role model, or building your sense of confidence and self-esteem.

Take advantage of those feelings of a fresh start we all get in the fall, and make this September count by tackling a fitness goal you’ve always wanted to pursue.