What can you do to stay calm and optimistic when this crazy situation starts to take its toll? Well, yoga! Instructor Emilie is here with an easy exercise you can do right now, from the comfort and safety of your home, to help boost your emotional resilience and feel a little more positive.

Breathe your way to enhanced focus

If you’ve ever attended a yoga class (like the ones we’re offering on our Youtube channel these days!), you may have already felt the wonderful effects that pranayama, or guided breath work, can have on your nervous system. These ancient breathing techniques can positively impact your body almost instantly. But they also help you focus your busy mind, become more present, and feel grounded in the moment.

How to try it right now from home

Take a gentle breath in. As your lungs expand on the inhale, think of it as an opportunity to create more room within your body. When they deflate on the exhale, imagine letting go of any negative thoughts, tension, or residual energy. Repeat five times and then sit quietly with any sensations that arise. Allow your breath to return to normal.

If you’re about to do some self-guided yoga, or you want to enhance your virtual class, you can also set an intention for your practice by repeating a positive phrase towards yourself or someone close to you. Some examples of intentions I like are “I am radiant” and “sending out love.” Say one calmly in your head as you practice your breathing.

Remember, we are all in this together. If you’re feeling inspired, spread the word by sharing this article with a friend or family member who might also stand to benefit from a rush of feel-good endorphins during this stressful time.